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Endless research and development, technical expertise and vast knowledge of the industry have allowed Philosys to position as a leading company in the market.


06. Implementation of the automated system in the “2nd” factory (2 Lines)


10. FDA approval of Gmate Origin

09. FDA approval of Gmate Step, Gmate Mini

02. FDA approval of Gmate SMART (Android) application


12. Awarded for 5 million dollar export tower award

08. FDA approval of Gmate SMART (iOS)

04. Nominee for Global small business development participation

03. Red Dot design award winner for Gmate Origin

01. iF design award for Gmate SMART


07. Red Dot design award winner for Gmate Smart

02. FDA approval for Gmate Voice


11. Listed as top 100 in national R&D for its superiority (Portable Analyzer to detect 3 Blood Glucose, Cholesterol and Neutral Fat)

07. Development of Gmate Voice

07. CE approval for Gmate SMART


12. CE approval for Gmate Wheel

01. CE approval for Gmate Step, Gmate Mini


11. MEDICA exhibition participation

06. Complete the development of Gmate Glucose Monitor System


12. Appointed as leader in U-Healthcare HUB diagnostic system for regional leading business

12. Made a contract to develop U-healthcare blood glucose meters and multiple blood analysis system development with LG Electronics Inc.

11. Make a contract to develop and supply photometry BGM with SD Biosensor, INC

10. Expanded and moved Head office and factory (to Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do)



12. Made a contract to develop a U-healthcare multi blood analyzer (Product name: DOMINO MOBILE) with ITALY TIM, BSI, Blackberry

08. Make a contract to develop portable biometric analyzer for hospital use(Product Name: Prodigy Vital) with DDI in America

03. Awarded Inno-Biz


11. Awarded in trade day export tower award

06. Appointed as innovation business leader, nominated as reliable export company in Jeollabuk-do province (Small and Medium Business Administration in Jeonbuk)

03. Analyzer to detect multiple markers based on U-health (DOMINO MOBILE)


11. Participation in MEDICA

01. ISO 13485: 2003 certified


11. Made a contact to develop and supply 2 different type of blood glucose with All Medicus, Co., Ltd

05. Initial supply of blood glucose meter with All-Medicus

04. Supply Kinetic Station to Chonnam National University


04. Export of 5000 Multicare products


05. Made a contact to develop and supply a multi biometric analyzing system in blood with BSI (Italy)

05. Establishment of Philosys Co., Ltd.