Greetings. I am Alex Lee running as CEO in Philosys.

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

Philosys started as a technical consulting group specialized in research and development. Ever since our establishment in 2003, we have continued to develop glucose meters overseas and was able to make distinction in technical expertise and quality control. Our diligence and passion in the healthcare industry have allowed us to develop as a global healthcare company.

The current healthcare industry is rapidly shifting its momentum from hospital based care system to a patient based care system. Due to the paradigm shift from curing diseases to preventing and managing diseases, the market is requiring a change in development of product that is suitable for the market according to these changes.

Due to the rise in life expectancy, diabetes is a disease that needs continuous managing. Philosys provides smartphone compatible glucose meter as well as glucose managing App that is applicable in daily life. Moreover, the company provides a service for daily life management. We are a company that specializes in blood glucose meters and with our vast knowledge in the diabetes market, we are planning to create a total diabetes care system that involves: GDH enzyme blood glucose meter, digital insulin pen and non-invasive glucose meter. As a pioneer in medical IT field, we are also developing a point-of-care testing system that is applicable to smartphones. This will allow us to create an easy to use healthcare management system for our customers.

Philosys will continue to build technical expertise to grow as a global U-health company that can provide the appropriate products and services to our customers.

Thank you.

CEO Alex Lee