The symbol mark and logo type, used in every medium of the company, are foundations in promoting the company, therefore the shape and color must remain the same. Keep in mind that symbol marks are not to be used alone. Symbol mark is based upon philosys’ phil. By using phi’s ㅠ, Chinese character X and Korean alphabet’s 필 to be shown as an image. The image contains a symbolic representation of making reliable product for its humanity and creating a healthy humanity. Symbol mark must be used with the original data, however, if this method is not possible (due to large size), please use the image provided on this grid exactly.



C0 / M56 / Y90 / K0

R246 / G138 / B51





R51 / G49 / B:50




Philosys’ signature original model is used to represent all medium used by Philosys and sets the decent form for communication. However, signature original model is only used in form of horizontal combination.

The square symbol mark located on the left of Philosys and Philosys text (logo type) on the right are the two main components of creating the signature and only the combination of the two is defined as signature. Signatures must maintain color and proportion with its various combinations and must be used with the original data before application. The assigned blank spaces play a significant role in creating a certain visual image, therefore, any type of graphic interference is not allowed on these blank spaces.





Color variations allow the explicitness and aesthetic impressions to blend into the signature. In order to create appropriate color variations please take a look at the examples of color variations stated in the color regulation. Before creating signatures, you must take a closer look at the color regulations and if you encounter ambiguities, please consult with the design team before application.

[CI on the white background]

[CI in the white color on the main color]

[CI in the one color on the white background]

[CI in the one color on the black background]

[Tampering of color]

[3D Effect]

[Tampering of type]