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Applying Patent for Insulin Pen
June 28, 2016

Philosys, specialized in selling of blood glucose meter, have applied 3 different patents for insulin pen. This allowed Philosys to gain exclusive competitiveness for digital insulin pen.

In 2015, diabetic patients were over 400,000,000 worldwide with prevalence of 7% which rapidly adds to the patient population. In Korea, due to the prevalence of western diet and changes in lifestyle, diabetic patient has reached over 2,720,000 in 2013 and is becoming a major disease in Korea. Diabetes complications lead to nephropathy, cataract, neuralgia, etc which needs continuous attention. For some of the patients from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes needs constant insulin injection.

Over dosage of Insulin injection can lead to life threatening situations; therefore, adequate dosage and simple usability is of high importance. Philosys have applied for 3 different patents: “Insulin cartridge auto detection system”, “Insulin auto managing system” and “smartphone application connected to blood glucose measuring module to manage insulin dosage and management”. Using these three patents, patient can automatically detect different insulin product from various companies, automatically alarm the patient for dosage injection and connect blood glucose level application to manage insulin dosage before and after workout along with blood glucose management.
Philosys have successfully launched the blood glucose managing application compatible to I-Phone, Samsung Galaxy, LG G5 and other new smartphones. Philosys is planning to use applied patent to develop digital insulin pen along with blood glucose application connected to Bluetooth. By providing blood glucose levels and insulin level automatically, allow patients and doctors to easily access useful and reliable data.

Company members have stated: “Through patent of insulin pen, we hope to enter into the insulin pen market successfully and provide helpful services to our customers”.