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Privacy Policy

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

You may be asked to provide us with basic personal information so that you can distinguish, access and administer your own account.
Upon your will, you will be asked to present basic information through the web site so that philosys can arrange to meet your requests, such as sending appropriate responses to your questions concerning products offered by philosys.

1. About Personal Information

When you access our website to register for an account, or contact us, you may supply us with information including your name, email address and country.
When you access Gmate apps, you will be asked to provide a username at your will.

2. Usage

We collect your information primarily for customer communications in order to help answer to your queries. Besides this purpose, we may use your information for improving our products, services, and on/offline advertising.

3. Disclosure

Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties other than philosys for product and service improvement purposes. Following are the two exceptions:
- If the provider of the information has agreed for disclosure
- If the investigative authority requests for the information due to authorization by statute.

4. Access

You may access your information to update or complete the provided data in your account. Upon difficulties experienced in correction or deletion of your account, you may request for help through our customer support page.

By using our web site, you consent to our privacy policy.

For questions concerning our privacy policy, please email information@philosys.com.